Luscious Travels: The Pacific Northwest

  If you want to experience true BEAUTY, please take a trip to the Pacific Northwest. All that I can say is that this part of the country is so luscious. I know I can be rather frivolous with this word, but for real, I have not experienced this type of natural beauty in my life.

Seattle is a fantastic city that has so many beautiful views. Being able to see Mount Rainier peak through the clouds and the city skyline was unreal. I was so thrilled to see special bike lanes, compost trashcans, and juice bars everywhere. I spent a few days in Seattle, getting to know my best friends new city. We ate tacos and lumpia and the best dankest molten chocolate cake I've ever had. The city is so dog-friendly, my heart was pretty much melting the whole time. Also, I never fully realized how much of a marine town Seattle is. Seriously, where have I been? I watched The Real World: Seattle. All clues point to nautical vibes. After we celebrated the Summer Solstice, we took a few days and road-tripped down the 101 West towards the Pacific Ocean! A California girl at heart, I COULD NOT wait to be reunited with the West Coast. We took a few stops along the way and I must say, none of my pictures do these sites any justice. We were so fortunate to have some magical days with that good sun.  You'll just have to experience it for yourself to completely understand! I felt rejuvenated about life after my trip. This is what beautiful scenery and fresh air can do for your soul. I can't wait to go back!

IMG_3499(Hello Seattle!)

IMG_3310(Golden Gardens, Puget Sound)

IMG_3583(Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park)

IMG_1891(Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park)

IMG_1902(Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park)

IMG_3655(Kale Salad, Grilled Steelhead Trout & Bok Choy, Kentucky Gentleman & Ginger Ale. We had cheese & salmon candy for apps and did Sephora Collection face maques in our tent.)

IMG_1960 (1)(Is this like a Crocs ad or what?)

IMG_1941(Kalaloch Campground; Pacific Coast Sunset)

IMG_2000(Sol Duc Falls, sustaining beauty in sustainable beauty)

IMG_3742(You better believe I waited in a long line of tourists to buy a souvenir cup)

IMG_3755(Found a secret Filipino food restaurant. I love you, Seattle)