Shopping Logic



My shopping vibe is pretty wacky.  For instance, I just spent $50 at store that I wasn't very impressed with because I didn't want to seem like a freeloader when I took a free full-size Luna bar they had in a basket near the dressing room. So when I received a coupon from Sephora telling me that I was eligible for a free birthday gift, my first instinct was to go directly to the store and blow some birthday cash. The closer it got to the expiration date of this coupon, the more I realized that I would rather shop online. I have more control on the Internet, I think. If I shopped in store, I would buy more things that I don't necessarily need, but absolutely want.

It was about time for a new bottle of MAKE UP FOR EVER Sens'Eyes. This waterproof eye cleanser is a staple in my vanity. A full-size bottle lasts about 5 months and I use  3-4 pumps everyday (which is more than most will need, but I wear a lot of mascara). It is incredibly gentle and does not make my eyelids greasy. Would you believe me if I told you that I used baby oil as makeup remover for YEARS before I discovered this product. OH, THE SHAME.

Another product I needed to re-up on was concealer, I am so loyal to my NARS concealer but was in the mood to try something new. I decided on TARTE Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. These days, I look for products that might be waterproof, full-coverage, with anti-aging ingredients and this concealer fits the bill. After weeks of using this concealer, I can't say that I'm in love. Since this concealer is full-coverage, it is SO thick. It is almost hard to apply because it is almost like glue. Not sure if it is because I am oily, but this is not creaseless. Actually, it immediately creases after applying and I have had to set this concealer with MAKE UP FOREVER  HD Microfinish Powder to avoid creasing. (It's good practice to do that anyway!)  Of course, I have too much pride to return a concealer to SEPHORA. For sanitary purposes, returned makeup never gets the oppurtunity for a second chance, like clothes or shoes do. I would feel bad knowing a barely used product was getting thrown away because I was being adventurous. This is some Luscious Judy Shopping Logic. Do you see how I personify beauty products because I'm too lazy to go to the SEPHORA store?

My shopping cart needed two more dollars to qualify for free shipping. I would much rather spend extra money on an object rather than pay for shipping. Great thought process, right? I decided on ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask Pods for just eight bucks! White China Clay is a main ingredient in this pore purifying mask. I have been using this once a week. My skin endures a lot of abuse. Somedays my skin is suffocated by makeup for 13 hours, other days I'm sweating out toxins that dry on my face and clog my pores. This is a great mask that leaves my skin feeling renewed.


(Matching my mask to my bathroom wall and cardigan.)


I love ordering from SEPHORA online because they always offer 3 samples with every order. This was especially great when I shipped my Mom her birthday present (Romance by RALPH LAUREN) because I customized samples that were specific to her needs. This order, I opted for Passiflora by NEST FRAGRANCES. I am such a lover of fresh, floral fragrances and this scent is so feminine and pretty. It makes me want to lay in a bed of water hyacinth. The packaging is pretty fantastic as well. I love all products FRESH and got myself some Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate.  They had me at age delay. It is never too early to start acting against signs of aging. Antioxidant rich noni fruit juice is a powerful ingredient that moisturizes and visibly firms at the same time. I was going to try a sample of NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. It was rather heavy for a tinted moisturizer. With that being said, it took longer than normal to dry, therefore making my face feel oily. I love almost every NARS product that I get my paws on and I'm sad this didn't work out for me. OH, THE JOY OF SAMPLES.

Lastly, my MAKE UP FOR EVER birthday gift was less than exciting. Okay, I know what you're thinking. Who complains about a FREE birthday gift?? Don't get me wrong, I am always down for a travel-size Smoky Extravagant Mascara. I love that cone-shaped brush. It is great for lengthening and separating lashes. I was excited to finally try Rouge Artist Natural lipstick, I am a MUFE junkie but don't own any lipstick! The shade of the box looked like a muted red but I was less than impressed to find that it was actually N9, a coppery pink. This lipstick hydrates for up to 8 hours as well as adds shine. This is probably the most boring color ever. This shade is so barely there that it reminds me of something my Mom would have made me wear as a young teen. I have an arsenal of what I like to call 'work lipsticks', which are shades that I only wear to work because they are subdued. I wouldn't even wear this to work. It doesn't vibe for me or my skin tone or my love of bold, colorful lipsticks. Thanks anyway, MUFE, I'm going to regift you to a friend who will be more appreciative!

I think that you learn a lot about a person when you pick up on their shopping habits. There are those who get in and get out, then there are those who do laps around a store before realizing they want nothing. Online shopping has made it so easy to desire and acquire things that  turn out to be duds. We all have our methods of madness. What are some of your shopping quirks? I can't be the only one who has them!