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Luscious Nail Wipes

Ever since I was gifted Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes, I tossed my regular polish remover out of the window and I never plan on going back. Not only is it stinky, flammable, and can ruin the finish on a wood table, but removers with acetone aren't any good for your nails. The acetone dries your nails out and while it makes it super easy to take off glitter bombs, do you really want to huff chemicals during a polish change? Not only do these nail wipes remove polish but they replenish dry cuticles with Argan oil and a grapefruit scent. These wipes are intended to promote healthy nail growth with their natural formula. One pad can remove the polish from all 10 nails. At $9.00, this breaks down to .45 cents a pad. It seems expensive considering the generic drugstore brand of acetone polish is probably $1.00.

Josie Maran's tag line is 'Luxury with a Conscience.' Not only is she encouraging organic beauty products but a portion of every sale is donated to the Polar Bear SOS initiative, a project of the NRDC. Wouldn't you like to say that you're saving the polar bear race while doing your nails?


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