Eyebrow 911


I messed up. ROYALLY. I let a little lady in the mall thread my eyebrows, for the first time ever. All she said to me was sit-down and 10 minutes later, I looked like an over-plucked flapper from the 1920s. On the verge of tears and in the need of a drink, I ran to Sephora. An eyebrow specialist guided me towards the Lancome Powder Pencil. I prefer the texture of powder versus a waxy, retractable pencil. I love the addition of a brow brush on the other end of the pencil. Unfortunately, as vain as I am...I was going to need a waterproof option. (It's been a rainy summer.)

With the help of my Sephora Personal Shopper, Lauren, I was told Make Up Forever Aqua Brow was the best for waterproof eyebrow correction! I use an eye shading brush to extend my eyebrow where my arch was robbed! My eyebrows do not move when I draw them on. I've tested my eyebrows in rain, sweat, and the shower and this product confirms my love for Make Up Forever. I've been having a lot of fun playing with my new faux brows and you'd never believe that I am patiently awaiting the sprouting of re growth. Moral of this story: stay loyal to your luscious eyebrow guru!!20130721-174608.jpg