yes to blueberries.

I might be luscious but I am also a little lazy. Yesterday I was on a mission for new face wash and a new liquid eyeliner. I had to live with my previous poor choices (which I will be featuring soon) of a basic cleanser and a mediocre clay pot liner, I was ready for redemption. A lazy spell caused a 4 hour departure, delaying my shopping plans. The only option I had for skin care and makeup was Target. Of course, I wanted to stick with organic, natural products that I'm glad Target has devoted a section to. I chose to go with the Yes to line. The Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh is a daily cleanser formulated with coconut and blueberries. It is 99% natural and paraben-free. I used it with my Clarisonic after taking off my makeup and had to wash my face with a different cleanser because my face didn't feel totally clean. And that is WITH my Clarisonic. I used it this morning with my barehands, it still felt like there was a film on my face. I think the film feeling comes from beeswax used to make the cleanser. I will, of course, continue using it until I run out, in hopes that conditions improve. Plus I have too much pride to return face wash to Target.