luscious first ladies

i spent a few days in washington d.c. this week. i always forget the history that is just up the road. i went to a few museums, including the national museum of american history. sure, dorothy's ruby slippers and bill clinton's sax are there but my favorite exhibit was about our nation's first ladies. here are my top 5 first ladies, in chronological order:

abigail adams, wife of john adams. LBR, behind every great man there's a great woman! they wrote letters to each other while he was away doin' thangs. you know she kept his ass in check.

eleanor roosevelt, wife of FDR. human rights activist, started the second-wave of feminism. lilith fair would have never been possible without her.

jackie kennedy, wife of john f. kennedy. what a babe! i give her mad props for locking down, JFK! first you marry for love, then you marry for money. girl played her cards right!

betty ford, wife of gerald ford. how much do you have to party to get a rehab center named after you? too soon? the epitome of a 70's trophy wife. boozin' & poppin' in the west wing. eventually her family staged an intervention and she became a sober feminist. good job betty!

nancy reagan, wife of ronald reagan. she consulted an astrologer after ron' first assasination attempt to assist in planning his schedule. she also was one of the first ladies to try and change the white house china. what a pistol! she'll always be nanci raygun to me!