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food coma

the other day, i came across this picture of a krispy kreme cheeseburger on today show's tumblr. with my sister in town, my diet changed along with my routine... all of which has prompted this post on indulgent foods.

i continued my research on the krispy kreme burger and found this CBS video from the summer of 2006. the gateway grizzlies, a very minor league baseball team outside of St. Louis, seems to be the originator of the now infamous krispy kreme bacon cheeseburger as a way to lure patrons.

this in combo with the hot dogs i ate at coney island, hundreds of m&ms from m&m world, cannolli and dacquoise from ferrara's bakery [...] sent me on another tangent to ben&jerry's website to find peanut butter ice cream. just PB, not PB and chocolate. i found a close runner-up: peanut brittle! which sounds awesome. plus, this cool feature: a flavor locator so you can find out what stores in your area carry the one you want. all this got me thinking: krispy kreme x ben&jerry

side note: new maple blonde is bangin. especially as a chipwich. i made peanut butter, chocolate chip, pecan cookies a couple weeks ago. combined that with maple blonde ice cream. as a sandwich, unbelievable. diabetic-coma.

btw, for my birthday, i want a cookie puss from carvel. did i mention, when i was little, i wanted to be a flavor creator at baskin robbins? i saw a feature on reading rainbow or something and was sold! obviously, that never panned out. so i'll take an ice cream maker for christmas and d.i.y.


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