can we talk about what courtney wore today? first of all, since when has anyone ever referred to cuckoo love as CLC (courtney love cobain) or CLO (i'm pretty sure that name already belongs to a rapper and a dice game)? apparently, the blog is supposed to counteract all of the bad photos of her that are on the internet. this explains why there are 24 pages of photos and the blog has only been up for about 10 days. look, i get it, there are actually people out there that love this woman. but they might be delusional ....page 8 of WCWT claims that CLC originated the asymmetrical bob phase that was popularized by judy goddess, victoria beckham. (she wishes) and on pages 12/13 there are highly defensive posts about how CLC isn't actually an author of the blog and blasting readers for giving her shit about her spelling....(but seriously, labotin instead of louboutin....need i say more?) look, i'm PMSing. i know i'm being bitchy but this is my issue: you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig and you can put couture on a hag and she's still a hot trailer park mess. malibu is totally a great song and i will sing doll parts anytime for karaoke but when did this bitch get promoted from oxy-whore to balenciaga snob? i don't get it. who allowed this to happen? is everyone else delusional too?

look CLC, money can buy you lots of pills, but it cant buy you class! sorry madonna got the louis ad first.