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googoo for gaga

she hits it on this one.

reason why gaga is illuminati: when asked about who inspires her fashion, gaga speaks to her fans saying, you do, you inspire me. i get so distracted on stage just staring at your clothes. but they're just mimicking her. total mind-control. in a recent rolling stone interview, gaga talks about how art is an illusion and a lie. if you watch all four performances from the today show, you'll see her appear from heavenly fog and transcend into darkness during the second half of her show.

and the religious references throughout the performance...

about the rain: Don't cry angels, It's a beautiful day... We're being baptized.

during teeth: Now, some people say that I'm not a religious woman. Now, come on New York! Let's go to church.


cyndi and gaga on good morning america are amazing!! it happened awhile ago, but this was my first time watching it.

Discovery of the day : Dick Hyman

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