baldwin overload

where is my DeLorean time machine? i want to travel back to 1978 and i want to work for playgirl. i recently was gifted a vintage issue of playgirl magazine, the fifth anniversary collector's issue to be exact. i'm beyond excited. i am so honored to own this and can't believe a sweet lil' judy was able to give this gem up! i've always believed that i belonged in the 70s and reading this magazine confirms this. all of the photos are tastefully sexy and the articles are still relevant 32 years later! the men are so beautiful! they look so natural, drinking wine, playing the piano, all with flaccid penises! they even have body hair! i prefer these men, hands down, compared to the guys they are featuring now. i dont think beefcakes with waxed chests are sexy. give me a simple man, take me to '78.