vodka on the lox

smoked salmon vodka is the closest i'll ever get to being a lesbian. do you realize how awful your breath is after a bagel with lox? it smells like the nordic sea. the only thing i ever want my vodka to taste like is cranberry and a little bit of lime. i totally enjoy flavored vodka, they can be sweet (stoli razz) and spicy (absolut peppar) or even healthy (van gogh acai-blueberry)! but what are the benefits of smoked salmon vodka? can you consider it breakfast, if you mix it with orange juice? alaska distillery is responsible for creating this vodka and guess where they are located....wasilla, alaska. only the meth capital of the last frontier and hometown to everyone's favorite bratz doll, sarah palin. look guys, the only worthwhile thing to come out of your town are levi johnston's abs, but i appreciate the creativity.