gettin' my festival on

one of my favorite things about richmond is the food. we are so lucky to have so many innovative restaurants and creative chefs in this town. i have lived in richmond for six years and have never attended broad appetit. over 50 local restaurants are involved in sampling some of the tastiest dishes from their menu. and everything is $3! i don't know why broad appetit never appealed to me but i was drawn this year, when i heard my favorite restaurant, acacia, were selling soft-shell crab sliders. i started the festival with a visit to tarrant's, where i got a fish taco & a limeade.

i made my way to the acacia booth and got my slider! i missed out on the tempura fried cheese stuffed squash blossoms. bummer :( but it was everything that i dreamed of and more. why are soft shell crabs so creepy, yet so delicious? if you aren't into soft-shell crabs, TRY AGAIN.

as we were walking by a few booths, mezzanine's menu caught my eye. they had an arugula & watermelon salad and if you don't know, i make a mean arugula, watermelon, & feta salad. it's my summer staple. we order the salad and realized that it comes with a grilled lamb chop! can you believe it was only $3? hands down, this was the best meal of broad appetit. i have only eaten at mezzanine once and this left me wondering why, i don't go there more often.

i couldn't believe i let myself have a gorge fest a week before my beach vacation and to make matter worse, i went to the 34th annual greek festival and stuffed myself greek the day before! such a awesome weekend of great food and people-watching, if only it wasn't so damn hot.