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This is what love is

Ci -rious

Of the several Ciara leaks lately, This is What Love is might be my favorite.  The Danja production makes an impact immediately and captures the whirlwind of crazy  love.  As Ci-Ci repeats, "Insane, Wanna make you insane," the claim takes new meaning. The repetition illustrating how this type of love gets stuck in your head and becomes the  obsession. She doesn't just want it, she is  addicted to it like "dope."  The beat drops and rings like a playground chant when Ciara boasts " Lips, Chest, Hips...You ain't never seen nothing like this."  You can practically hear her heart hop scotching.  At one point, Danja  layers and warps Ciara's vocals together to sound as if two voices are simultaneously saying" this is what love is." One voice soft, the other robotic, like she's actually insane but still knows that's exactly what love is, an agreeable conflict .

Listen for yourself at Missjia.com


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