EST. 2010 // RICHMOND, VA. 


lus·cious: having very appealing taste; richly verdant or opulent

       ju·dy: old school term to describe a dear or best friend.

Luscious Judy is a blog collective dedicated to beauty, wellness, travel, lunar cycles, and self-development. 

Before group texts existed, the only way Stef, Adam, and Noel could keep each other current on music, hot dudes, and cats was to blog about it on Luscious Judy. In 2013, LJ was rebranded as a beauty blog, but they soon remembered their interests extend way beyond makeup and skincare. We encourage all of our friends to contribute. From lunation reports to travel recommendations to your new favorite lipstick, you can find it here on Luscious Judy. 

STEF// Taurus. Earth Element. A beauty junkie with a penchant for trips to the beach, moon cycles, fitness trends, and all things sparkling.

I write about all of these things, as well as bully my friends into writing things too. We think we're really clever. 

contact:    photos: ellen bucher photography

NOEL// Sagittarius. Fire Element. Original Judy. Crazy as fuck. Director of Pop Culture & kettle cooked chips. Mix CD king, still rocking a disc man. 


ADAM// Papi. Sagittarius. Fire Element. Original Judy. NYC. Luscious Creative Consultant. Loves Miami and makes a fantastic quiche. 

LAUREN// Scorpio.Water Element. West Coast Correspondent. Skin Care Guru. She will plan the best trip of your life and make sure you wear your SPF.

CHIP// Aries. Fire Element. Chihuahua Dad. Sitting on 19s, while taking a picture of your vanity plate. You can find him at Starbucks or the outlet mall. 

MAKIKO // Pisces. Water Element. Doesn't believe in that shit. Must love dogs. You might find her sippin' on vino while snackin' on decadent apps or meditating in front of her salt lamp.